What if Henry Ford could have seen the Connected Car

July 30 is the birth date of one of the great pioneers of the automotive industry, the founder of the Ford Automotive Company. The Ford franchise and brand have perfected the development of the assembly line technique of mass production, placing a car or vehicle in almost every driveway across America, fulfilling a certain classic American dream, which has since spread to every corner of the globe.

Some may even argue that Henry Ford is synonymous with ingenuity, innovation and talent.

Today, the connected car is top of mind for countless automotive experts and influencers, as well as technology gurus and business media seeking to look under the hood of the connected vehicle of tomorrow and dissect which technology providers will ultimately win the battle of the dashboard. The internet is no longer equated with email and web surfing. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects our consumer devices, home appliances, phones, and now the cars we drive.
Source: NXP

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