Operators must work with verticals to push M2M, says Vodafone

According to Vodafone’s head of global business development for M2M, Marc Sauter will the potential of embedded mobile only be realised if operators fully understand the needs of specific industries.

He told Mobile Business Briefing, adding that industries such as the automotive and utilities sectors have different sets of challenges related to M2M technology.

UK utilities companies, for example, have the government mandate to move to M2M-enabled smart meters by 2019 to cope with. The automotive sector, meanwhile, is likely to have to deal with European legislation for all cars to be equipped with technology that automatically contacts emergency services in the case of a serious accident by 2015.

Both Ford and BMW have called for greater operator involvement in the connected cars space. Vodafone Germany recently signed a deal with BMW to install adapted mobile SIMs into the car maker’s ‘ConnectedDrive’ vehicles.

Another big challenge in the M2M space, according to Sauter, is the complexity and fragmentation that can be created when the technology isn’t delivered as a standardised managed service through a trusted supplier.

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Source: Mobile Business Briefing