Intelligent Vehicles to Return Revenues of Over $14bn by 2016 as Service Providers Enter New Markets

Telematics to benefit from increased after-market provision and wider service offerings
Intelligent vehicles, through embedded connectivity, will be directly responsible for creating revenues of $14.4 billion by 2016, as existing telematics players extend to new geographical markets and expand their service models in the next five years, finds a new report from Juniper Research.

This report addresses the vehicular telematics industry from a wide range of use-cases, not only breaking down this sector into commercial and consumer telematics but also considering the impact of the app/smartphone ecosystem and the emerging insurance telematics and stolen vehicle recovery sectors.

This in-depth study explores the entire telematics market-place from both a consumer and a commercial perspective. It identifies the key drivers supporting the industry as well as the challenges ahead.

The Report Covers:

  • Smart Infotainment. The report examines the vital role of the smartphone in bringing the mobile internet into the in-car environment. Readers will gain in-depth understanding of the market for smartphone tethering and the potential revenues from the emerging in-vehicle multimedia environment.
  • Status, Trends, Applications. Juniper assesses the world of Telematics as it stands today and considers the ways the industry will develop in the future – readers will benefit from unrivalled knowledge of the key technologies driving this burgeoning sector of the mobile ecosystem as well as a breakdown of the most promising applications spurring the market forward.
  • Drivers & Hurdles Pinpointed. This unique study reveals the major opportunities and challenges that exist within the telematics market, identifying the efficiency gains in the commercial telematics, the game-changing nature of smartphone tethering in consumer telematics as well as the identifying the prospective obstacles that characterise the market.

The Five year forecasts cover both the size of the current market, and the market as it is forecast to develop to 2016 across several areas within the broader telematics market. The forecasts are split by consumer and commercial telematics and cover the adoption of telematics by vehicle and associated revenues. The report also covers the number of vehicles with insurance telematics & stolen vehicle recovery, alongside subscription costs and service revenues. The number of vehicles with smartphone tethering is also forecast together with associated forecast revenues. All forecast cover the period from 2011-2016.