Inotive Solutions service provider in the ‘connected wellness’ market.

Inotive started with a connected weight scale and personalized dashboard, which were introduced late 2008 in The Netherlands under Inotive’s “Youw8 – Dashboard your life” ™ brand.

Since that first introduction, the Inotive team realized that its technology could be utilised in other markets as well. Inotive also changed its strategy from serving the consumer market with its own brand, to a business-to-business model in which Inotive develops and sells the modules and software or complete products for an OEM customer.

Today Inotive is active in the following European business-to-business markets: Wellness, Energy & Home control and eCar & eBike.

Connected Wellness
The Connected Wellnes market is a fast growing ‘soft-medical’ market, consisting of connected devices and services that improve the quality of life. Inotive’s technology brings existing wellness devices online, driving the creation of new product propositions, like various online services.

Inotive’s technology is available for the following products: Weight scale, blood pressure meter, activity monitor. In co-operation with Inotive’s OEM customers, more products will be available soon.

Energy & Home control
Inotive developed a real-time connected energy meter. This meter enables the consumer to see the real-time energy consumption via an app for any smart phone. It also enables the energy company to provide additional information and services to consumers. Through the same app, the consumer can change the thermostat settings or turn selected devices on or off in the home.

eCar en eBike
The market of eMobility is growing fast. The users of these new and green vehicles are interested to review and share their experiences. Inotive is working together with several partners in the eMobility industry to develop after-market products that enable this new group of users to review and share their mileage, energy savings, routes, etc. This information is stored within the computer of an eCar or eBike and connected with Inotive’s technology.