Can Connected Cars Save The World?

Cars today don’t just carry you where you want to go. They inform you about the weather, bring you to unfamiliar places and remind you about maintenance.

They entertain you and your passengers with state of the art sound and video systems, a coffee tray conveniently angled under your elbow. Cars today are a mobile extension of your living room. Cars tomorrow will be that and more. By becoming an extension of your office, they can be the workplace of the future and key players in the internet of things.

Pete Graham, Director of Finance Solutions and Mobility at SAP, describes how the auto world is going mobile. He imagines a day where a sales rep could drive in a connected Porsche on the way to a customer meeting. A BlackBerry PlayBook is integrated with the car’s electronic systems, navigating the long drive and rerouting when a traffic jam builds on a bridge ahead. On the way, the rep might decide to check some data before the meeting. Hands free, the rep accesses his  SAP CRM app and SAP Finance app in the BlackBerry PlayBook using the vehicle’s integrated microphones and speakers. The rep can review current orders, check outstanding invoices and payments.  When parked, bring up charts illustrating the inventory.  The rep might notice issues with their stock, reinforcing the case on the deal they want to close.  ”When you leave the car, none of that important information is left behind,” said Graham. “Your SAP CRM and SAP Finance apps are right there on your mobile device, so you can easily access the data any time during the meeting. Before you know it, you’re back on the road listening to your favorite tunes.”

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