Atos Worldline changes the game in the growing market for connected vehicles

Using its cloud and pay-per-use expertise, vehicle drivers will be offered new services combining mobility and telematics.

The automobile industry is witnessing the start of one of the most significant transformations in its entire history. This change is driven by the declining use of cars, new regulations, the development of electric vehicles and the expansion of ubiquitous computing – ” the internet of things”. New economic models and new partners are emerging in the value chain and are challenging the traditional players.

To assist with this transformation, Atos Worldline is offering a unique product range based on a combination of its professional and its technological expertise: indepth knowledge and experience in the automobile market, expertise in the field of service platforms, contextual mobility, machine-to-machine communication, electronic shopping and payment, and its capacity for global implementation using “cloud” and “pay-per-use” models.

On the strength of these assets, Atos Worldline is the partner of choice for players in the connected vehicle market, including manufacturers and large fleet operators, to assist them with the incorporation of mobility services, mass use of collected data (or “Big Data”) as well as their position with regard to consumer electronics (smartphones and tablets). The service platform, or Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP), enables scalability so that new B2C and B2B services may be quickly brought to market; it flexibly integrates content and service suppliers as well as different on-board systems, allowing our customers to generate new sources of income with an attractive economic model.

Three global players have signed up with Atos Worldline, since 2012, to supply and operate B2C and B2B services for over one million vehicles, of all kinds, connected worldwide. These services will be operational in 2013.

“Consumers show a real interest in connected services. According to estimates, the market will encompass about 600 million connected vehicles by 2025 and will be worth €19 billion*. Looking beyond the figures, our customers are facing the beginning of a major transformation; sales from mobility services will transform their core business as they get closer to their customers and increase their revenue. The winners will be those who fully understand the complexity of the ecosystem in order to maximise mobility-related income sources. Atos Worldline has long-standing experience in high tech transactional services that allows it to assist its customers in this innovative, industrial process. Atos has made strategic investments in this segment for some years now and I am delighted with these first signs of success. ” said Marc Henri Desportes Head of Hi-Tech Transactional Services at Atos.

Atos is the first to supply an AppShop for vehicles and to introduce an in-car payment system. The company is at the forefront of a new generation of contextual services improving the user experience, such as displaying prices at petrol stations along your journey route when your petrol guage indicates low reserves. Processing massive quantities of data (“Big Data”) collected from vehicles allows for a better understanding of vehicle usage, improvements to vehicle quality and will be a catalyst for the creation of collaborative service opportunities in numerous areas such as insurance, fleet management and retail distribution.