InAiR Gives TV a Breath of Fresh AR

SeeSpace’s InAiR device puts an augmented reality overlay in the space between you and your 3D HDTV. In the case of a movie, for example, InAiR can serve up layers of information about the music, the actors, the movie itself or even information about product-placement examples. Viewers can navigate feeds from their social networks along the way.

Forget second-screen TV viewing with a tablet or smartphone – so-called second screens are a kludgy, old-school method of extending a show. What’s new? SeeSpace InAiR: The World’s 1st Augmented Television.

SeeSpace InAiR is a Kickstarter project that intercepts your TV content stream, analyzes it, then reaches out to the Internet to grab relevant content, which it then displays in navigable layers right on your HDTV screen. With a 3D HDTV, the display is even better: The new layers of augmented reality content float in space in front of you, creating a “Minority Report-like” experience that you can reach out and manipulate.

How Does SeeSpace InAiR Work?
InAiR is basically a smart HDMI cable in the shape of a hockey puck that you can affix to the rear of your HDTV. Through a USB connection from your cable or satellite TV set-top box, you connect to InAiR (and power it, too). Then, out from the InAiR device, you plug an HDMI cable to your TV. … (Read more)

SeeSpace InAiR