“When IoT Meets Artificial Intelligence” – Presented by Veselin Pizurica, Waylay

The Internet-of-Things provides us with lots of sensor data. However, the data by themselves do not provide value unless we can turn them into actionable, contextualized information. Big data and data visualization techniques allow us to gain new insights by batch-processing and off-line analysis. Real-time sensor data analysis and decision-making is often done manually but to make it scalable, it is preferably automated. Artificial Intelligence provides us the framework and tools to go beyond trivial real-time decision and automation use cases for IoT.

About Veselin Pizurica

Veselin Pizurica is entrepreneur, CTO and founder at waylay, a cloud software company that empowers enterprises and the public sector to benefit from the Internet-of-Things.

Veselin has more than 15 years experience in software product development. He designed and implemented products in various domains, such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, IoT/M2M, Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Home Networking, Mobile Management, MPLS, xDSL and Fiber technologies.

Veselin is author and co-author of 12 patent applications in domain of DSL, home networks and cloud computing.

About Waylay

Internet-of-Things solutions often operate in silos and don’t integrate well with existing IT back-end systems and cloud applications. This leads to inflexible solutions with high integration costs. Waylay is the market leading IoT service orchestration platform that breaks down silos by connecting devices with SW applications, online services and mobile applications. Waylay makes automation and integration faster, smarter, manageable and more scalable.