How is Artificial Intelligence going to change our reality? (Video)

Artificial intelligence is coming – so how’s it going to change our reality?

In March of this year, Google’s artificial intelligence, AlphaGo, beat one of the top human intelligences, Lee Sedol, at the strategically mind-boggling board game Go.

Experts had thought we were years away, but the computer played elegant, creative moves to outfox a Go master. So are we on the brink of an AI revolution? I asked Dr Peter Bentley, a computer scientist from University College London, for some expert insight:

Peter Bentley, a computer scientist at University College London, says “since the beginning of artificial intelligence research, one of the main ways that we have tested the intelligence of our computers is to ask them to play games with us, and the progression towards the recent victory has been a long one. But in all of these cases playing games is a hugely simple task.”

In a game there’s a clear ‘winning’ outcome and it’s a closed environment, so the spectrum of possibilities can be accurately predicted. A Go stone will not suddenly turn into a chess piece, for example, or a sausage. Google wants to transfer AlphaGo to real world situations, like medicine. So how does an AI brought up on boardgames hold up in the real world?

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