You want to add security to your system, but where do you start?

Growing awareness of the Internet of Things has brought with it a desire amongst those building embedded systems to include some form of connectivity. But, as some of those designers have already found out to their cost, providing connectivity is one thing; providing security for such a system is another.

Joe Fabbre, director of platform solutions with Green Hills Software (GHS), noted: “The IoT is creating a buzz and the trend is for most embedded devices to get some kind of connectivity. It’s been on the way for some time and will continue. But there’s a link; designing in connectivity also needs security to be designed in.”

It’s a far cry from the embedded systems of the past, which were essentially self contained; unless you could get physical access to the system, you couldn’t ‘hack’ it. “With internet connectivity,” Fabbre continued, “anyone might be able to access a system.”

He said one of the problems is that embedded systems tend to have a code base that was designed a decade or more ago. “That was obviously well before anyone thought about connecting them up. These systems weren’t designed with network security – or any kind of security – in mind.” … (read more)