Will Wearables Replace Your Smartphone?

Walk into any gym, and you’ll find fitness trackers strapped to everyone from protein shake-swilling workout junkies to first-time jazzercisers. Meanwhile, early adopters are dropping their Mickey Mouse collector’s edition watches in favor of smartwatches that can deliver messages, Facebook, Twitter and more to your wrist.

Even Google Glass, which is still not widely available, continues to make headlines on a regular basis. From Fitbit and Android Wear to Apple’s upcoming iWatch, the wearables market is expanding faster than you can say “fad.” But it’s clearly not a fad. In fact, the market is set to triple by the end of 2014.

So as the category grows, the question we’re left asking is this: Will wearable devices replace smartphones, or will they continue to serve as mere companion pieces for handsets? We spoke to several experts and insiders to find out. … (Read more)

Source: TomsGuide.com