Which Manufacturing Industries Invest in IIoT and Why?

Medical, automation, automotive, food and beverage, material handling—so many industries plan to take advantage of IIoT. Experts explain why.

Connecting various devices, systems and equipment together through an Ethernet platform has been going on for years in various manufacturing industries. Data about manufacturing machine performance and operation used to be loaded up to “dashboards” monitored by upper management. An overwhelming amount of data, though, shifted this effort from recording every single device operation to “management by exception,” where only certain bits of data were analyzed for importance.

Why are manufacturing industries returning to massive data gathering? And which industries are doing so?

The answer to which industries is easy:

“We have seen the IoT applications in dozens of industries from oil and gas, paper products, recycling, plastics, vending, food and beverage, medical machinery, automotive and wastewater,” said Gary Marchuk, director of business development, AutomationDirect. “The demand seems to exist just about everywhere.”

“We see greater interest in a variety of industries, from consumer product manufacturing, to packaging, to material handling, heavy industry, and more,” said Daymon Thompson, TwinCAT product specialist, Beckhoff Automation.Read more

Source: designworldonline.com; image: aispro.com