Could wearable tech help your business?

Although most of the talk has been about the growth of wearables for consumer use, there could be potential business benefits, too. Wearables were the technological success story of 2014 and they are expected to become even more mainstream this year.

Intelligent fitness devices with built-in internet connectivity are already selling well while smartwatches such as the Apple Watch (due in spring) and Samsung Galaxy Gear look set to redefine how we interact with our devices.
Google Glass, or similar intelligent glasses, may yet be a success though it’s probably fair to say there hasn’t been the level of interest that Google had hoped for.

This year we will start to see more smart clothing too – fabrics with built-in internet sensors that can monitor everything from our heart rate to potentially life-threatening diseases.

Nor will this trend be confined to consumers. Although some will always want the latest gadgets so they can show off to their friends by making calls on their watch like the cartoon detective Dick Tracy, wearables will serve a practical business purpose too. … (read more)