This Smart Jar keeps track of your food so you never have a baking emergency (VIDEO)

Anyone who’d ever been a vegetarian knows how difficult it can be to get enough protein in your diet. That was the challenge Madhuri Eunni was facing seven months ago, when she came up with the Neo Smart Jar. “I was thinking it would great if there would be a way to measure all the protein powders and the chia and the flax that I usually use in making my smoothies,” she says.

With her startup, SKE Labs, Eunni developed the Neo to help keep track of what she was eating, and the idea expanded from there. The result is a jar that, once you tell it what it contains, can keep track of how much you’re eating, alert you when you’re running out of something, remind you if something’s going stale, and recommend recipes compatible with its contents.

The dishwasher-safe jar has sensors built into the bottom to track its contents’ weight. It connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth LE. Once you pour a bag of spaghetti into the Neo, you can either scan its barcode or manually enter in its name. The accompanying app then retrieves the pasta’s nutritional information, as well as historical information about how long it takes for the food to expire. If your item doesn’t show up in the list, you can add in the details yourself. Once you add an your special pasta sauce, the app will remember it, and the cloud-connected database learns all the time. … (read more)