Sensor technology in homes being trialled by CSIRO to assist elderly, people with disabilities

New sensor technology is being trialled by the CSIRO to assist elderly Australians and people with disabilities in their homes, and the agency says the results are promising. The technology uses a network of home sensors to track a person’s movements, collect critical health information, and potentially alert carers to emergencies.

They can actually monitor themselves and this comes back to enabling people to monitor their own independence and their own health status. Those involved in the trials said the technology had the potential to enhance the lives of patients and their carers. Sunshine Coast academic Dr Eleanor Horton has been caring for her partner for 15 years.

In 2000 he had a stroke and his mobility is now limited, but Dr Horton said the trial of new technology in their home had helped them both.

“I’ve also got ageing parents, so I know some days if I spend more time with my parents on a weekend and I come home and look at the iPad, I can sort of facilitate the conversation around ‘well you haven’t moved much today out of your chair’,” she said. “Whereas previously you could say ‘well, yes I have’. … (read more)