Security for the Internet of Everything: Turning the network Into a giant sensor

The Internet of Everything’s (IoE) promise to create a more connected and transformed world comes closer to reality on a daily basis. Cisco predicts that 50 billion devices will be connected by the year 2020. But as devices bridge the physical and digital worlds, security challenges arise.

The ultimate goal of IoE is to increase operational efficiency, power new business models and improve quality of life. As IoE becomes a reality, organizations will bring more and more devices from disparate suppliers into their network. Cybersecurity models need to radically change to provide the right level of protection for this new, connected world.

The number and diversity of connected devices and associated applications is so large and growing so fast, that the very foundation of many of our cybersecurity assumptions is being challenged. It is therefore imperative that security models change to integrate broad-based network visibility and big data collection that can be leveraged through correlation and context and dynamically applied controls. In essence, making the network a giant sensor. This gives the depth of visibility needed to take informed security action and protect against all attack vectors. … (read more)