QNX Wireless Framework Integrates Cellular and Wi-Fi into Embedded Systems

QNX Software Systems Limited, a subsidiary of BlackBerry Limited, today announced the launch of the QNX Wireless Framework, a complete software solution that allows embedded systems developers to make cellular and Wi-Fi hardware changes without having to rewrite software applications or change how the applications run.

Modem technology for embedded systems is evolving quickly, creating demand for system designs that can rapidly and flexibly support the latest cellular or Wi-Fi communications hardware. The QNX Wireless Framework achieves this through an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) that remains consistent, regardless of the underlying cellular or Wi-Fi module or chipset. The API simplifies system design for today’s medical devices, industrial controllers, and in-car infotainment units by managing the complexities of modem control. Further, the QNX Wireless Framework provides a rich feature set to enable a variety of useful vertical-specific applications.

“The QNX Wireless Framework was developed by a team of mobile wireless experts with hundreds of person-years of experience building advanced, carrier-grade mobile products,” said Grant Courville, director, product management, QNX Software Systems. “Our latest innovation allows developers to experience best-in-class smartphone-grade technology already deployed in millions of BlackBerry devices and supported by hundreds of carriers worldwide and to apply that connectivity to the embedded systems they are building in a simplified way.” … (read more)

Source: N4BB.com