Plantronics Creates Developer Community to Focus on Delivering Intelligent Context Aware Data into Applications

In today’s world, billions of devices connect and communicate an abundance of data about a person’s location, activities and availability.
Plantronics is opening up a tremendous opportunity for developers to utilize information like where a person is and what he or she is doing with the launch of a full-scale developer community. Developers will now be able to create “context-aware” applications that will be able to anticipate or take action, to provide better experiences through the information generated by intelligent Plantronics devices with Smart Sensor™ technology.

Developers can access the tools needed to create smarter, context aware applications through the Plantronics Developer Connection (PDC).  By accessing the information from Plantronics devices developers can incorporate presence, availability, proximity, and caller information into their existing applications or create a new segment of smarter applications. Incorporating this information will result in more intelligent and intuitive human to device experiences.

The PDC includes technical resources, forums and application programming interfaces (APIs) through a new software developer kit (SDK) for Windows® environments. The PDC is also a community for developers to connect with Plantronics technologists and learn more about the software possibilities enabled by Plantronics devices.

The SDK can be accessed via the Plantronics Developer Connection
Learn how to code your own “TweetMe” Twitter app using the SDK