NXP and FeliCa Networks Team-up to Create a Unique NFC Radio Controller Interoperable with Global Infrastructure

Their collaboration will ensure interoperability between NXP’s family of NFC radio controller solutions and the Japan infrastructure compliant to FeliCa™ (NFC-F).

Based on a single NFC radio controller from NXP, equipment manufacturers will be able to design handsets delivering true interoperability with the global infrastructure.

NXP and FeliCa Networks plan to collaborate in expanding the functionality of NXP’s global leading NFC radio controller with the integration of FeliCa Networks’ technology, which will enable interoperability with the FeliCa™ (NFC-F) compliant reader infrastructure and with Osaifu-Keitai® phones in Japan. This NXP unique solution can support application services around the world; the first NFC radio controller will be available in 2013.

NFC is a market proven, standardized technology co-invented by NXP and Sony in 2002. NXP is at the center of this ecosystem, fuelling its development by partnering with almost all major handset manufacturers, mobile OS providers and applications developers. NXP is the No1 supplier to the Identification market globally, and leverages its leadership in contactless and security technologies to provide complete Mobile Transactions solutions: NFC controllers, Secure Elements in all form factors, NFC tags and infrastructure reader ICs. Currently OEMs have selected NXP’s NFC technology for more than 130 mobile devices. Transport systems on MIFARE technology are available in over 650 cities around the world.

FeliCa Networks has been providing proven technologies and integrated solutions for the world’s largest scale NFC service platform. The total number of wireless subscribers who own a mobile phone implemented with such technologies and solutions including contactless IC chips reached approximately 70 million in 2011. The cumulative number of smart phones with them exceeded 10 million units as of January 2012. A great variety of over 100 services, not only payment and transportation but also other advanced services, is available on the service platform.