Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey presents about a socially aware citizen-centric IoT

Klaus Moessner, Professor in Cognitive Networks at Institute for Communication Systems, University of Surrey, presents at the Internet of Things Event: “SocIoTal, the creation of a socially aware citizen-centric Internet of Things”.

Body sensor products for the quantified–self are meanwhile main-stream and information about individuals is captured everywhere, but still there is an inherent lack of trust in such systems. The question “can I make sure that my personal data remains private?” is often un-answered.

The SocIoTal project is working on solutions that facilitate data ownership and limit access rights to personal data, this includes on one side the definition of a trust framework and on the other means to determine the level of access that can be granted to third parties to use personal data.

“The IoT will only work if users trust that their data will remain private”

About Klaus Moessner
Klaus is a Professor in the Institute for Communication Systems, at the University of Surrey. Klaus was involved in a large number of projects in the area of Cognitive Communications and Service Provision. Klaus chaired the IEEE DYSPAN Working Group (WG6) on Sensing Interfaces for future and cognitive communication systems. He was involved in the definition and evaluation of cooperation management between autonomous entities in the UniverSelf project; was involved in the iCore project, was leading IoT.est and is currently the coordinator for the SocioTal and iKAAS projects. His research interests are around IoT systems and services.

About Institute for Communication Systems, University of Surrey
The Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) is a leading centre for communication research in the EE department of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) at The University of Surrey (UNIS), UK.  ICS has a strong background in all aspects of management functionalities and operations at various timescales and applied at a variety of physical and virtualized environments. ICS will bring this experience in IoT and service architectures, modelling, network and service management and machine learning to contribute to the design and development of the architectural framework and semantic model.

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