Japanese scientists create adhesive sheet of small sensors to monitor bodily ills

Japanese scientists have created a sticky sheet of small sensors which can be placed directly on living tissues both inside and outside the body, letting doctors keep a close eye on them.

“Just by applying to the body like a compress, our novel sheet sensor detects biometric information extremely accurately,” researchers at the University of Tokyo, led by Professor Takao Someya, said in a statement issued on Friday. An adhesive gel prevents the fine grid of almost unnoticeable sensors from tearing apart even if the tissue is moving, the statement said.

Ordinary devices often utilize silicon and other materials which are rather inflexible and can be uncomfortable for wearers. According to the statement, the sensors can be used in healthcare or sports science.

“Although we are currently at the animal experimentation stage, this compress-like sensor has been successfully attached even to internal tissues, such as a rat’s heart,” the researchers noted, adding, “In the future, this technology will be applied to internally-implanted electrical systems and the scope of application for electrical devices will increase.”

The study, sponsored by the state-run Japan Science and Technology Agency, was published in the December 19 edition of Nature Communications. … (Read more)

Source: PressTV.ir