Is the IoT Really ‘Internet of Sensors’?

A contrarian view of the conceptual framework known as the Internet to Things asserts that it should really be called the Internet of Sensors. “Companies that embrace the IoS and not the IoT will be the winners in the connected world,” claims the U.K.-based technology and development organization called The Technology Partnership.

TTP’s argument in a nutshell is this: “The IoT is, to a large extent, a solution looking for a problem, rather than the other way round. There’s simply no point in objects talking to each other just for the sake of it and the IoT only provides the communications backbone. An Internet of Sensors looks more like the roots of a tree, with sensors of all types at the extremities, capturing and feeding data upwards to the main trunk—the Internet.

Based in Cambridge, the outfit also dismisses the steady drumbeat promoting the IoT as the next big thing. “The IoT hype is supported by silicon vendors eager to dream up new applications for chips,” asserts Steve Taylor, a TTP senior consultant. … (read more)