Internet of Things is already here, but how close is it?

Almost everyone has faced the maddening thought that they are miles from home but not sure whether they turned off the space heater or some other appliance.

A person might even drive back home to make sure the thing is turned off. Well, as the Internet of Things takes hold, that is at least one aggravation that may become history, because a smartphone app will be able to display whether that heater is on, and allow the user to turn it off — remotely — if it is.

Much of the Internet of Things is already here. Erica Moore, store manager for the U.S. Cellular location at 8401 Kingston Pike, said there are already a number of products on the market that allow people to use their smartphones and tablets to get more benefits out of the ordinary appliances and devices in their homes, cars and workplaces.

And, the trend is going to grow, driven by the number of new mobile applications and products, and the sheer number of new mobile devices expected to be in people’s hands over the next few years, she said.Read more