Industry 4.0 takes over tool and mould manufacturing

The objective of making an Intelligent Factory is based on the principle of industry 4.0, a hi-tech strategy of the German Government and industry associations. The purely technical pre-requisites for it must be delivered by cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things. From now on even tool and mould making will travel on this path to the future of production technology.

Germany as the so-called “Factory supplier of the world”, is one of the most competitive industrial locations worldwide. To secure the country’s manufacturing preeminence and therefore its competitiveness and prosperity, the sector’s key tool and mould making industry is undergoing a major change.

After mechanisation, electrification and computerisation, the “Internet of Things and Services” heralds the new era of industry 4.0. In this trend, also described as the fourth industrial revolution, machines, conveying and storage systems, robots and resources are connected with each other. These systems exchange information in real time. They organise and control themselves independently, de-centrally and according to the situation. People, machines and systems are now connected with each other permanently and they communicate in real-time. Thus processes and work steps change fundamentally in production and in the entire company.

Transparent processes, high flexibility, real-time

Then products can be easily identified and localised at all times. You can get the complete history, the current status and the processes for the intended final outcome. The complete value chain in the company as well as the interfaces for customers, partners and suppliers are interlinked with each other. Mobile communication, intelligent objects and sensor systems enable adhoc, de-central and real-time decision making about events in the future. Thus processes in the company become more transparent and are distinguished by a high flexibility. This is a pre-requisite to turn individual customer requests into reality in an economical and competitive manner.Read more