Hiku launched a Kickstarter project to mass-produce

Hiku, the first mainstream device powered by electric imp

Hiku, an imp-powered, Internet-connected barcode scanner and mobile shopping list app, perfectly designed to fulfill my kitchen replenishment dream.

But since not everything has a barcode they went a big step further, incorporating voice recognition into the tiny, battery-powered device. Just press the single button on the device and say what you need. Using the imp card and service for on-device audio compression and Wi-Fi Internet communication, hiku recognizes your words and adds the item to the list along with an audio file of the recording, all in a device small enough to magnetically stick to your fridge.

Hiku also has an open API so you can use it as an internet-connected wireless barcode scanner and voice-recognizing microphone with whatever service you like.

Hiku’s kickstarter project closes in 5 days, and they’re just over halfway to their funding goal. To get their beautiful (and fully functional) prototype mass-produced they’ll need to raise awareness of the product.