eWON introduces M2Web

A solution for direct access to Talk2M via an internet browser
This new solution allows users to view the status of their machine or industrial equipment remotely via an ordinary web browser connected to Talk2M, and will also give them compatibility with Smartphones and tablets.

According to eWON’s two co-founders, the other main advantage of this innovation is that eWON is now fully compatible with the mobile world. For machine manufacturers and their customers, fast access to PLC variables from any location can often be essential. Thanks to M2Web, users will now be able to view the status of their machines via a Smartphone or tablet. ” ‘For example, with just a wifi connection, users will now be able to view the web pages of the eWON router, or even those of the HMI (operator panel) itself. This is a major advantage in terms of both reactivity and the speed of the remote access’, conclude Serge Bassem and Pierre Crokaert.

From 23rd to 27th April, at the Hanover Fair-the world’s greatest shrine of manufacturing innovation-eWON is presenting a preview of M2Web, its new solution that allows users to quickly and directly view the status of machine parameters remotely via an ordinary browser connected to Talk2M. ” ‘This application will be very useful to our customers, as well as machine manufacturers and their end customers’, says Serge Bassem, CEO of eWON.