Ed Borden, Pachube Platform Evangelist, LogMeIn will hold keynote at IoT Event

The title of his keynote speech is “IoT from the Bottom-Up”
Pachube (“patch-bay”) connects people to devices, applications, and the Internet of Things. As a web-based service built to manage the world’s real-time data, Pachube gives people the power to share, collaborate, and make use of information generated from the world around them.

Pachube was born out of founder Usman Haque’s need to handle real-time data from sensors in interactive environments for his design practice. The prototype officially became Pachube in 2008, and was released to the public in 2010. Since then, Pachube has powered crowdsourcing movements, been built into consumer devices, and made possible thousands of custom applications.

Pachube has been acquired by LogMeIn.