Coin-Sized Wireless Device for Home Security

CoinGuard is a new Internet of Things solution for personal home security. Instead of trying to detect home intrusions like traditional security systems, CoinGuard is a small coin-sized wireless device.

Sensitive to movement and vibration, it is simply placed on or with the valuables that it protects. If disturbed, it transmits a notification to the homeowner’s smartphone or other web connected device for immediate action. It is simple and easy to install.

The CoinGuard wireless sensor is battery powered which enables users to put CoinGuard sensors anywhere in their home. Users can slip them into jewelry boxes, camera bags, and secret drawers – anywhere they want to keep secure.

They can attach a CoinGuard sensor to a flat screen TV, gaming console, gun safe door, or medicine cabinet door. With a range of up to 100 meters from the gateway and able to penetrate furniture, floors and walls, the CoinGuard system can cover an entire home. … (Read more)