Can Ocean Health Be Saved Through Underwater Apps?

On the last EcoWatch report card our oceans received a “D” grade. This grade is based on factors including pollution, overfishing and the impacts of climate change, biodiversity, carbon storage, coastal protection, clean waters, natural products, coastal livelihoods, economies, tourism and recreation.

What is most frightening is that we don’t know how far we can go before hitting a point of no return to improve and restore our ocean’s health.

What is inspiring is that we may be about to experience a revolution in what work, play and education underwater looks like. Recent technological breakthroughs and innovative products may be able to speed up documenting and helping ocean health by allowing us to take everyday devices such as our tablets well below the surface. For example, the iDive, a pressurized housing for iPads, allows users to interact with the touchscreen up to 100+ meters below the surface of the water. Now you can use a mobile device underwater rather than just keep it from dying if it is dropped in the water.

71% of our planet is made up of water, so what can happen with the ability to use a mobile device underwater? What will happen now that there is ‘an app for that’ for the first time in the underwater world? What innovative applications will be dreamed up to enhance our underwater lives and help our planet? … (Read more)