Baby wearables, tracking devices debut at CES 2015

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 introduces devices to assist parenting via smartphone apps. A baby’s cries may no longer be a parent’s first clue that something is wrong. Bluetooth and wireless equipped pacifiers, patches and bottles are lining up for the job.

The futuristic parenting aids will fit in mom and dad’s pocket. Want to monitor the temperature of a sick child? Just fasten the TempTraq, a flexible patch that works as a digital thermometer.

For 24 hours, the patch will send temperature updates to any smartphone — yours, grandma’s or the babysitter’s — connected to its accompanying app. If the child surpasses a pre-set fever level, the app will send an alert.

“In the middle of the night, if your child’s temperature is spiking, it can alert you to that,” says Matt Ream, the company’s vice-president of marketing. … (read more)