Alliance enables SAP customers to utilize key M2M data across the enterprise

Axeda and GlobalSoft Integrate High-Value Connected Product Data with SAP CRM and ERP
With a significant number of organizations looking to leverage crucial equipment/asset data to better service their customers, GlobalSoft has pioneered an integration kit that enables connected asset data from Axeda to interact with SAP CRM and ERP in a seamless manner.

By connecting real-time product data from the Axeda® Platform to SAP, information such as asset owner, location, product configuration, health status, usage, inventory levels and alerts automatically populates in the SAP CRM Contact Center. This data can automatically trigger business process workflows such as automated service ticket/case creation, pay-per-use billing, warranty management, replenishment of consumables, compliance management, product recalls, planned maintenance and more.

From Consume to Cash (C2), to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) and SAP’s business analytics capabilities, enterprise-wide business processes can be optimized with high-value connected product data.

The Axeda platform accelerates integration with third-party enterprise systems due to its open architecture built on standards-based technology and built-in Web Services for two-way communications.  It is uniquely qualified to handle the complex requirements for M2M solutions, such as managing multiple types of connections and assets, processing massive amounts of unstructured data, and providing enterprise grade scalability and security.