The AirButlr Housekeeping Drone is Probably The Most Excited That You’ll Ever Get About a Cleaning Product

The AirButlr is a prototype drone that can be programed to automatically carry out preset cleaning tasks around the home, including cleaning windows and mowing the lawn. It is currently in the prototype stage, however the AirButlr creators are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

The AirButlr uses sensors and complex mapping algorithms to create a complete 3D map of your home and the areas that it is programmed to maintain. It’s sort of like a flying Roomba, however instead of only being able to work on a single axis it can perform multiple cleaning applications and tasks in a 3D space thanks to the flying drone. Unfortunately this butler doesn’t have a British accent, but he could certainly be programmed to keep your Batcave tidy.

Created by two Belgian entrepreneurs, Wouter Nuytten and Thomas Broekaert, the AirButlr system consists of three basic components. It is a small UAV that silently patrols your home on the look out for dirt. Each cleaning task that your drone is programmed to carry out will require individual cleaning applications that the drone will attach to itself and proceed to operate. These cleaning applications will be stored in the AirButlr base station, which also acts as a charging station while the drone isn’t in use. The entire system has been developed to be programmed and controlled with a smartphone app. … (Read more)