World’s first connected fork could help you eat healthier, slower, and less

If you’ve ever been told you eat too fast, Hapifork could be for you.

Hapilabs kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to raise money, build a community, and generate pre-orders for the world’s first connected fork.

The Hapifork pledges to help you eat healthier, eat slower, and lose weight by eating at the right time and at the right speed. The device looks like a normal fork, except it includes a sensor that vibrates when you eat too fast. Bluetooth transmits this data to an accompanying app, so users can gain insight into their eating habits.

I met with CEO Fabrice Boutain at the Ferry building in San Francisco to give Hapifork a try. We ordered a salad and I took a few bites at what I felt was a reasonable pace. In this case, nothing happened. However, once I started to eat faster, Hapifork buzzed and I automatically paused and slowed down. The meal began to feel like playing the game Operation, where I was focused intently on avoiding the vibrations. I became more aware of my food, the time between bites, and how long I spent chewing.

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Source: VentureBeat