Wearables May Be Freely Leaking Your Data

2014 is the year of the wearable. Yes we thought 2013 was, but no it’s apparently 2014. Now that the big players are getting involved in producing wearables, these devices are due to take off in a big way. However a security firm has revealed that they are apparently leaking your data to anyone listening.

Symantec, the firm usually associated with malware and virus control has uncovered that for around £40 of tech, you can track anyone using a wearable.

Wearable Beacon
Mario Barcena, Candid Wueest and Hon Lau of Symantec took a modified a Raspberry Pi unit to social areas such as parks and sporting events and were able to then successfully determine which people were using a wearable. These wearables included electronic wristbands such as sports activity-tracking devices, smart watches, pendants, and even smart clothing. The research team added in a Bluetooth radio to a Raspberry Pi, and were able to successfully highlight individuals with wearables. With very little probing, they were then able to uncover ‘unique hardware addresses’ of the device – all without ever attempting to connect to the devices. … (Read more)

Source: TechAeris.com