The Future Of Wearable Notifications In Business

The target audience of wearable tech has always been the everyday consumer. However, wearables can benefit businesses too, especially in sectors where workers need to be hands-free. From construction and manufacturing to dining services, wearables can elevate several industries in the near future by utilizing push notification on wearable tech.

Construction & Manufacturing
Construction and manufacturing require serious handiwork. On the job, workers in this industry can’t waste their valuable time worrying about picking up a phone to call a client or checking in on the progress of a current project. They need wearable, hands-free items that provide them with necessary updates. Wearable tech could alert construction workers when a new load comes in or if severe weather is approaching. Manufacturers would benefit from alerts about a faulty machine or stalled assembly line. As professionals in these industries are constantly on the clock and trying to meet tight deadlines, saving even a few minutes a day could have major implications.

Commercial Driving
Mobile has a significant impact on taxi and black car services with apps like Uber and Lyft. With a few taps on a smartphone, consumers can easily alert a nearby driver that they need a ride. … (read more)