Taggar makes augmented reality sociable: Hide messages in objects only your mates can find

A new app from the people behind augmented reality app Aurasma is here called Taggar. But it’s more than just an app, it’s an entirely new platform.

The Taggar app takes the next step from intelligent augmented reality to socialising the technology. Want to hide a message in a picture only your mate can find? No problem. Want to upload the best fashion photo of yourself to a competition a fashion magazine? That’s there too. Share hidden messages on a mutually personal spot, object or image only you and your loved one know about. The possibilities are huge.

In our demo we saw a family photo come to life as children climbed out of the frame and into the room. A film poster grew out into a link to cinema listings and an instant trailer window. Even the Taggar business card we were given comes to life for instant email or website links that you can touch on the screen displaying the card. The possibilities are huge.

Taggar automatically recognises objects and photos, using the Neurence cloud engine, and brings them to life on your screen. Simply point your device’s camera at the object and within seconds, in our demo anyway, it recognised it and brought the associated video or images to life.

The use of this with Google Glass was particularly exciting in our demo as it showed how glancing at a bag of crisps instantly came up with nutritional info related you to user’s daily fitness. And since the Neurence engine is in the cloud it will do all the hard work so Taggar should function on pretty much any device.


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Source: Pocket-lint