Streamlined Biotech Lets You Monitor Overall Health At Home

A number of high-tech medical monitoring products want to come home with you, and they have a whole new look. In recent years, tech advances and overall increased connectivity have brought forth a number of new trends in health monitoring systems.

To help popularize the use of at-home equipment and promote a health-savvier public, many medical device-makers have teamed up with design teams and other creatives with the aim of creating health-monitoring tech that is sleeker, simpler, and won’t clash with the drapes.

Cue, for one, is an at-home diagnostic device for identifying or tracking inflammation, vitamin D levels, fertility, influenza, and testosterone levels in humans. After placing a small blood, saliva, or nasal swab in the unit, a user receives information on the requested analysis via smartphone. The device’s iPhone app then prompts the user with lifestyle recommendations and personal tracking stats, or, if appropriate, contact options for medical personnel using simple infographics. And, the team explains, “all of this innovation is packaged inside a timeless form that’s as essential as the information you get from it.” … (Read more)