HP Unveils Internet of Things Platform For Service Providers

HP is jumping on the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon by announcing its own service targeting communications service providers (CSPs), enabling them to manage large numbers of devices on their networks, operate vertical applications and process and analyse collected data.

Due to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, HP’s IoT Platform is claimed to be able to support any kind of smart device ecosystem and can be deployed in the customer’s choice of cloud environment.

However, the IT giant has so far disclosed few details of the technology behind its IoT Platform. HP claims it can provide CSPs with end-to-end mobile device remote management including device discovery and configuration, and control of IoT traffic.

It will allow service providers to build new revenue streams from the intelligence derived by analysing the data coming from connected devices, as well as create new offerings and improving the user experience.

The firm also said it will offer a number of specific vertical market solutions built on top of its IoT Platform, with the first coming in the shape of the HP Energy Management Pack. This will enable service providers to provide home automation and energy control services to both consumer and business customers. … (read more)

Source: V3.co.uk