Growing Market For Wearable Tech Increases Value For Security

Wearable technologies promise to be one of the technology trends of 2015 that will receive a great deal of attention from the mainstream technology press thanks in large part to the major corporate players looking to enter that field, including Apple and Samsung.

The first series of apps that will be available for the Apple Watch, which will hit markets in mid-April, was recently announced by Apple; only one of these 24 programs is related to health and fitness. We’ve talked about the potential consumer benefits of wearables within the past few months here on IPWatchdog which noted that the industry is still in an early stage. Wearable technology still enjoys a novelty status among tech aficionados which is allowing some companies like Apple to cash in withgold versions of its smartwatch which approach a retail price of $10,000 USD. For mainstream consumers, however, wearables are gaining a greater profile but have yet to be fully realized in most sectors, which we saw in our coverage of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

At the same time, we’re seeing a great deal of concern on behalf of businesses and consumers alike about the growing security risks threatening many technologies that are being developed today. Data breaches at financial institutions and major retail outlets alike have cost those organizations hundreds of millions of dollars in the combined cost of responding to threats, reissuing bank cards and developing cybersecurity measures. The issues posed by cyber attacks on networks and communications systems has even prompted federal governmental agencies to work in concert for the development of cybersecurity guidelines that provides a framework to effectively address risks for any organization. … (read more)