Google’s Smart-Home Plans Include ‘Neighborhood Security Networks’ and Security ratings for homes

Google is toying with the idea of scoring smart homes on how secure they are. “The security score may be generated based on processed home data that may include at least one of various types of data, including, but not limited to, capability data, opportunity data, and environmental data,” the application reads.

Google sees a house’s security score having a direct bearing on the cost of insurance and security services.
In other words, the proposed cloud-based scoring system will take into account the combined and individual capabilities of the various connected devices within a given smart home environment (e.g., battery backup/capacity, sensors, network protocols, etc.). It will also check to see if there are any impediments preventing any of the devices or the network as a whole from performing as expected (e.g., a smoke detector being located too close to an open window).

Finally, it will also factor in key characteristics of the smart home environment (e.g., structural vulnerabilities and proximity to a police station) as well as the behavioral patterns of its occupants (e.g., the swiftness with which they usually respond to sensor alarms). … (read more)