CSO Online – Shodan Exposes IoT Vulnerabilities

Tangible Security’s Michael Baucom, VP of R&D, was interviewed and quoted in CSO Online regarding the cyber security related search engine called Shodan and its relevance to enterprise cyber security. Shodan is speaker at the IoT Event!

The Shodan search engine can be used to find routers with exposed backdoors, unsecured webcams, and industrial control systems still using default passwords. It’s the Google for the Internet of Things, a playground for hackers and terrorists — and, maybe, a useful tool for companies looking to lock down their own environment.

Shodan founder John Matherly launched the search engine more than five years ago as a market intelligence tool, designed to provide technology companies with information about where and how their products were being used. “[Shodan is] the Google for the Internet of Things, a playground for hackers and terrorists.”

With enhanced mobility and work flexibility comes increased security risk. Explore the security. “And of course the same type of information can be queried about competitors, to better understand how they’re positioned in the market using empirical data,” said Matherly.

Since its launch, however, the search engine has taken on a life of its own, he admits. “It has become a tool by security experts to gain a better understanding of the Internet,” he said. The public website is actually a small piece of what Shodan offers. Enterprise clients can buy raw, real-time access to all the data it collects. … (read more)

Source: TangibleSecurity.com