Cars to read our mind as well as health conditions

CAR Technology: Giant carJa companies such as jaguar and other companies are working on technology that will allow cars in future to read driver’s mind, health and predict their actions.

They’re all elements of different projects that Jaguar Land Rover has been trying to accelerate in order to make its cars much smarter and safer, the Verge has reported.

Jaguar wants its cars to be able to tell if a person was paying attention to the road or off daydreaming, so that it could try to make the driver alert again should they lose focus, and that’s possible by monitoring for brainwaves that indicate a person is tired or distracted.

Another project called “haptic accelerator pedal” would send a pulse or vibration in order to alert a driver to whether they were going over the speed limit or were close to hitting another car.

While the other project was an infotainment system that could detect what button a driver means to push before they actually touch it. It would apparently use cameras to follow a driver’s hand and predict mid-air what they mean to press.

It might even use ultrasonic waves to create a tapping or tingling sensation in a person’s finger so that they know the system registered their movement. The idea was that this could reduce the time a driver is looking away from the wheel. … (read more)