A zero energy house that you can control with your iPhone

The Soleta House is packed with green gizmos–and looks good, too.

Ninety years ago, avant-garde architects were designing houses with modular spaces that echoed the efficiency of planes and cars. Today, we have automated planes (military drones) and, soon, driverless cars. Isn’t it time, then, for our homes to be just as technologically ambitious?

The Soleta House, or Soleta zeroEnergy One, is a step in the right direction. This prototype line of eco homes includes multifunctional structures with high-tech, clean-energy systems that can be controlled via your smartphone.

The project, currently on display outside the American embassy in Bucharest, was developed by the Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies (FITS). The goal was to design and build a zero-energy shed that could be used as a house, studio, or office in various climates. It also had to be affordable and versatile, with low-maintenance costs and a “positive eco-impact,” the company says in a statement. Naturally, it had to be good architecture, too.

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Source: Fast Company