5 Smart Rings That Are More Useful Than Getting You Engaged

While wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches edge their way toward the mainstream, smart rings might be next in line. These bits of connected jewelry allow consumers to control gadgets with gestures, and even check smartphone notifications from the same tiny plot of hand real estate that might house a wedding ring.

Many manufacturers have taken to the crowded pages of Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the hopes of officially taking their rings from prototype to mass production, but none have actually come to fruition. Below is a brief roundup of some of the most promising, intriguing, and just plain weird smart rings around — just don’t count on any of them to hit their tentative release dates.

No ring has garnered more hype in the past six months than the MOTA SmartRing. Once you pair the subtle accessory with your Android or iOS device, it gently vibrates to notify you of incoming calls, text, emails, and more. You swipe the smartphone’s tiny screen from left to right to view the various updates, each of which is depicted with an icon and a number corresponding to the number of notifications. The battery is expected to last between 24 and 72 hours depending on usage, and moreover, will be rechargeable via a wireless charging station. You’ll also be able to customize which types of updates it displays — from Twitter to text messages — and choose from either a black or white offering. … (read more)

Source: DigitalTrends.com