Meet Jimmy, open source 3D Printed Robot (VIDEO)

Intel and Trossen Robotics are aiming to make it actually happen with the 3D-printed Jimmy powered by the chip firm’s new Edison development board.

Trossen has been offering the original Jimmy for some time now, a $16,000 ‘bot powered by an Intel Core i5 chip, but its new little brother – the HR-OS1 – promises to come in at a tenth of the price and, so the theory goes, open up the space to those who aren’t adept at robotics programming.

That’s because Jimmy Jr.’s hardware is only one half of the equation. Intel’s goal is to do the same thing with apps for robotics that software did for smartphones, with simple programs that can be strung together by the tech-naive.

The HR-OS1 has twenty actuators and stands 42cm tall, and is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery. Sensors include a gyroscope and accelerometer, and there’s also support for optional XBee.