A DIY 3D Printed Wearable from adafruit (VIDEO)

Say you don’t have the dough to purchase Epson’s new Google Glass opponent or Under Armour’s willPOWER tracker, but you still want to ride the wearable wave of 2014. ou might be able to save some cash and still project that techie vibe by building your own motion-activated LED wristband, available from adafruit.

The 3D Printed Flora Band is a DIY project that promises to be a fun-to-build means of keeping you safe while exercising at night. The motion-activated wristband incorporates a ring of LED lights and an accelerometer to create a series of lights that flash when you’re jogging, biking or parkouring around the dark streets of your neighborhood. That way, you can maintain your visibility, while you’re out making your visibility look good. The Flora board and accompanying components are held together in a 3D printed watchband. The adafruit team uses NinjaFlex to create something that won’t chafe your wrists. You can see a video of the Flora Band in use (followed by instructions on how to assemble it) below:

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Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com