3D Printing Technology in the Production of Wearable Baby Monitoring System

Thanks to 3D printing technology, parents are now able to check on their sleeping child’s position and vital signs, without even setting foot in the room.


Introducing the Mimo monitoring system, a high-tech monitor and baby kimono all in one. According to 3Ders, this adorable high-tech outfit allows parents to track their baby’s every movement from their smart phones.

Last weekend, Mimo was shipped to stores across the U.S. This high-tech organic-cotton kimono features a sensor called a Lilypad that is sewn into the sleepwear, and a green plastic turtle that clips onto the Lilypad and transfers data. This Lilypad and turtle track the baby’s sleeping position, activity level, respiration, and temperature, and sends it to parents’ smartphones via Bluetooth. The Lilypad also has a microphone, allowing the baby’s sounds to be streamed to the smartphones in real time. This design is aimed at helping parents sleep easier at night, while eliminating frequent late-night trips into the baby’s room. … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrinter.net