The Need for Wearable Security

Projections for the upcoming sales of new wearable devices such as the Apple Watch are strong, with some firms predicting that sales of wearables could reach 130 million units in 2018. So what will all of these new devices mean for the enterprise?

Wearables May Be Freely Leaking Your Data

2014 is the year of the wearable. Yes we thought 2013 was, but no it’s apparently 2014. Now that the big players are getting involved in producing wearables, these devices are due to take off in a big way. However a security firm has revealed that they are apparently leaking your data to anyone listening.

Smart Locks: Accessibility Leads to Adoption

Connected home-security solutions offer an obvious value proposition: the ability to access realtime data about your home or business, even when you’re not there. Perhaps this is why these solutions are catching on among consumers and why device and solution providers are working to offer more innovative, value-added solutions to today’s connected public.